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Celebrating 16 Years of Personality Developer !!!

Personal & Executive Coaching: Personality Development is critical to individual’s success. We focus on exclusive One2One coaching to help you understand and use your Strengths and be more successful in your chosen field.

Personality Profiling & Personal Coaching Program3PC Program


  • Personality Profiling (Using International Personality Profiling tools) and in depth discussion of the strengths, weaknesses and improvement areas,
  • Intensive and extensive analysis to facilitate deeper understanding of the client needs and imparting practical knowledge with specific action steps for personality development
  • Unique, One to One process to give the client best possible interaction with senior consultants who give undivided attention at each meeting / session
  • Use of NLP techniques for overcoming fears/phobias and fast behaviour change
  • Programme led by mentors with 30+ years of Industry / Business experience, leading teams to success and helping people achieve their goals
  • Participants can expect to find their unique strengths and learn how to use them for achieving maximum success.

Free Personality Development Coaching
What can one Learn, Practise through this programme?

Time management, Interpersonal skills, Effective Leadership skills

Focus on work, Arrive at the right Objectives / Goals

Persuasion skills, Presentation / Public Speaking skills

To earn respect of colleagues / bosses, Self confidence

To improve Self Esteem

And more.

Free Personality Development Coaching

How does this work?

Free: First 2 “Strengths Finding & Action Plan” Sessions are Free.

Session 1 is to understand your unique personality – identify your Strenths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

Session 2 focuses on developmental needs, time frame, specific deliverables (viz., change in behavior, ability to think, speak and do things differently) that you desire in the 2 – 3 month interaction. Also discuss the Action Plan to achieve your goals.

Paid: Based on the first 2 sessions, we discuss specific deliverables (Results that you want) and time frame required to achieve them, decide on the fee and start the program.

Practical Theory / theory from practice. No memorizing theory, just plain talk on what works for a person. Each client is given action plan tailor made to suit their personality. (No cutting the head to fit the hat!)

Scope for participants to practice their learning in real time with handholding from senior consultants who check on the day to day results being achieved by the clients


Free Personality Development Coaching

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Irrational Fears – like
Fear of Dogs, Fear of Mice, Fear of Cockroaches, Fear of interacting with people,
Any fear that is NOT rational – some fear is always good, but fears that terrify unnecessarily, which have no reason at all, make a person totally helpless. The good news is they can be overcome. Yes, people have overcome their fears/ phobias, quickly, too.
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